Stiff Gins - Morning Star chords

MORNING STAR by Stiff Gins

Stiff Gins are Nardi Simpson & Kaleena Briggs. 
Celebrating 10 fabulous years of harmony and song together in 2009, 
Stiff Gins are one of Australia's best known and most loved Indigenous acts.  

MORNING STAR                   

D/E D/C D/B D/EReach for the, reach for the morning star
C DReach for the star,she will guide you
CReach for the star,star
Verses 1&3
D C1. Try wishing on the sun
3. She's up there all the time
D C1. Try wishing on the moon
3. She's shining so brightly
D C D1. Try wishing on a star and your dreams will come true
3. Come guide me to the place that you call your own
C1. Yeah, they'll be with you
3. Yeah, take me home Chorus Verse 2
C G C GSuddenly whispering a journey
Em Asus Em AsusTo me, Yeah
Em Asus Em AsusTo me, Yeah
Chorus Verse 3 Chorus MORNING STAR 2001 Morning Star was the first foray for Stiff Gins into commercial radio. The single was released in March 2001 prior to the release of Stiff Gins debut album and the song won various accolades including Single of the Year at the 2001 Deadly Awards and 6th place in the Australian Songwriters Association AUSMUSIC Student Award.
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