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[Bm]Clap to the clap track [Em]Don't tell me how you [Fm]feel [Bm]A bored persons nightmare [Em]Crying crocodile [Fm]tears [Em]Did I blow your [A]mind tonight? [Bm]Did I make it al[G]right? [Em]Talk to me[Fm] [Bm]Be sure to [Em]call Talk to me[Fm] [Bm]Talk all you [Em]want Talk to me[Fm] [Bm]Don't say your sorryvvv [Em]Play the part real [Fm]cool [Bm]__I'm not that angry [Em]You're just not that [Fm]cool [Em]Don't blow your [A]mind tonight [Bm]I can make it al[G]right chorus [Em]Talk to me[Fm] yeah [Bm] [Em]Talk to me[Fm] yeah [Bm] easy song but good, any comments or questions email at
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