Stompin Tom Connors - Old Flat Top Guitar tab

Old Flat Top Guitar - Stompin Tom Conners

Listen to the song first, then it is easier to play.

Chords in order( Verse ): E x22, A x11, E x11, D x6, A x26, E x11, Then go into solo 
every verse switching them back and forth. eg: verse - solo 1, verse - solo 2, verse - solo 
verse - solo 2 etc. until end of song.

Solo #1

|------------------||------------------||------------------||--2---------------| x2 (On second time, don't play the first, 5th string|-2--------2222----| second fret, just go into it on the second one)(|---0040404--------| Same for the other parts of the solo)
|------------------||------------------||------------------||-2-------2222-----| x1|--040404----------||------------------|
|------------------||------------------||------------------||------------------| x1|-2------2222------||--040404----------|
|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||-1-----------------| x1 (Solo Outro)|---224002----------||---------4455544320|
Solo #2
|-12121212---4-777-||-12121212-55-5----||------------------||------------------| x2|------------------||------------------|
|-12121212-----9--12121212||-12121212-1010-10--------||-------------------------||-------------------------| x1|-------------------------||-------------------------|
|-12121212---4-777-||-12121212-55-5----||------------------||------------------| x1|------------------||------------------|
|-1111119-999-777-5555-4--2-420||-1212129-999-777-5555-4--2-420||-111111-----------------------||------------------------------| x1 (Solo Outro)|------------------------------||------------------------------|
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