Stompin Tom Connors – Shanty Town Sharon chords

[Verse 1]

C G7 CThere once was a fisherman father who lived way down by the seashore.
G7 CHe dwelled in a broken down shanty where planks made a living room floor.
D G D G7But he had the prettiest daughter that ever had lived at the cove,
C G7 CThe topic of male conversation, the seven seas over by jove.
[Verse 2]
C G7 CAnd every young man that went fishing way out on the sea waters high
G7 CCan say that she told them she loved them, they loved her and for her they'd die.
D G D G7But oh this young queen was a wild one. She tried to brand every man's heart.
C G7 CShe never would listen to Daddy so you see how she got a bad start.
[Verse 3]
C G7 CHer mother's last words to her father when she died ten long years ago,
G7 C"Be good, Dear, to your loving daughter. Don't ever be harsh to her, Joe."
D G D G7But how many times since that parting has she been led far astray?
C G7 CAnd how many nights in a barroom has she drank the wee hours away?
[Verse 4]
C G7 CHow many drunken men hollered and fought for their lives for her smile?
G7 CShe'd mark a man's face for a lifetime with a knife or a fingernail file.
D G D G7She had as much courage as beauty, snd in her dark eyes there was war.
C G7 CAnd if any man doubted her daring, she'd sail where the white waters roar.
[Verse 5]
C G7 CShe became known as Shanty Town Sharon, then came the death of her dad.
G7 CShe'd built her own ship by the seashore, and here's the wild notion she had.
D G D G7She made her way down to the barroom to challenge all fisherman bold.
C G7 CI know that you've all heard the legend about the rief only devils do hold.
[Verse 6]
C G7 C"Now if no man will sail to my starboard, I'll cross that great rief all alone."
G7 CHer pretty dark eyes became wilder while outside the ocean did groan.
D G D G7She took her last drink and departed to sail where those rief waters roar.
C G7 CBut 'twas tragic how poor Sharon's body next morning washed up on the shore.
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