Stone Roses - Ten Storey Love Song tab

Subject: "Ten Story Love Song" by The Stone Roses

Taken from their album "Second Coming".

Undoubtedly (IMHO) the best song on the album and should *definetely* have
been the first single. But, if the lads want to completely ruin their career,
it's fine by me - but just don't come running.....

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"Ten Storey Love Song" by The Stone Roses

          D                  G
When your heart is black and broken
        D              G
And you need a helping hand
            D          G              D             G            A
When you're so much in love you don't know just how much you can stand.
          D            G
When your questions go unanswered
        D                  G
And the silence is killing me
G                  A                  G                      A
Take my hand, baby I'm your man, I've got love in enough for two.

Ten storey love song
G            D         A
I built this thing for you
It can take you higher
     G         D        A
Than twin peak mountain blue
           G          D         A
Oh well, I built this thing for you
And I love you true.

            D           G
There's no surefire set solution
   D                    G
No shortcut through the trees
   D             G         D                 G             A
No breach in the wall that they put there to keep you from me.
          D                   G
As you're lying awake in this darkness
     D           G
This everlasting night
G                        A                           G                   A
Someday soon, don't know where or when, you're gonna wake up and see the light.


Shouted: yeah yeah yeah yeah

Solo: Repeated G then A


Then it ends on a D
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