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Storm Large – Here We Are chords

Standard Tuning

Capo 2
(D) Here we are
(Em) Floating around outer space( D) (Em)
( D) Were all looking for a fi( Em)nal front( G)ier my (Em) dear 
Its right in front of your( D) face.

(D)Here we are.
 (Em)Why are we so afraid?(D) (Em)
(D)Were afraid of (Em)ourselves and(G) Each other
And the(Em) humongous mess that we’ve made.(D)
(Em) Here we Are ( D)

( A) Time and ( G) again Im at the(D) end of my ( D) rope
And I(A) feellifes a( G)  joke that ive been( Em)  sharing with( D) you
( A) After all we are ( A) all what we are(G) abaout to be(D)
And( D) here we(G) are( D)
(D)Here we(G) are…(D)Repeat Chorus
<3 G G
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