Stornoway – Long Distance Lullaby chords

				Stornoway  Long Distance Lullaby
Tuning: Eb

E C#mGoodnight, goodnight, the sun is long out of sight
A BAnd I stagger home by the streetlight
Goodnight, goodnight, went out after work tonight Only meant to stay for a swift pint And I'm giving you a call though I'm in no fit state And I know it's far too late And I'm hardly thinking straight 'Cos I've missed you ever since you moved away from here And it's not the same this year I wish I could teleport you here tonight to say ..
E B A C#m Goodnight soulmate, I know I'm in no state
F#m A ETo call you up and keep you up so late
But I had to hear you talking in my ear I've been so lonely since you left me here So goodnight, I'm back in through the door now Here we go bouncing down the hall now Goodnight, goodnight soulmate, oh but if you were here tonight We could climb up through the skylight Remember lying in your attic on those summer nights Our hands trembling side by side Those were the best days of my whole life And now I know you're moving on and I've been trying too Trying not to speak to you But I still can't sleep here without you to wish me a .. CHORUS
C#m AAnd I've got my friends but I can't really talk to them
E C#m A B x4Like I can talk to you
Remember how we used to stay up very very late and smoke And listen did I say how much I miss you now? I'm keeping you from sleeping now I only called to wish you could be here tonight To hold me while I'm wishing you a .. Goodnight soulmate, I know I'm in no state To call you up and keep you up so late
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