Absaroka Air chords with lyrics by Storyhill - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Storyhill – Absaroka Air chords

[Verse 1]
D11 C/G GI’ve been letting things slide by me
D11 C/G GAnd I’ve been trying too hard to get by too easy
D11 C/G GBut this morning when my room was only sunshine
D11 C/G GI think I finally made up my mind
[Chorus 1]
D11 C/G GI’m headed back home, again
D11 C/G Em DOn this empty highway
D11 C/G GI’m going take in that clear Absaroka air
Em D D11 C/G GAnd let it take my breath away
[Verse 2]
D11 C/G GCuz I’ve had a hard time believing
D11 C/G GIn all the things that give me life
D11 C/G GSo I’ve been trying to find some meaning
D11 C/G GSome words of wisdom to move my wrongs into rights
[Chorus 2]
D11 C/G GAnd if faith can move a mountain
D11 C/G Em DTell me what’s gonna move my faith
D11 C/G GBut I believe in that clear Absaroka air
Em DCuz it takes my breath away
D G C/GEee eee eee
D G C/GEee eee eee
D G C/G Em DAhh ahh ahh
D11 C/G G [break – 4x]
D G C/GEee eee eee (would you ever go home again)
D G C/GEee eee eee (find who you were back then)
D G C/G Em DAhh ahh ahh (if I could find the strength to remember all the things I came back for)
[1st verse - 1st half]
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