Stranglers – London Lady tab

Transcription by: Richard Stanforth (
Date of Transcription: 1st April 2002

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intro: C D G F
*bass and drums enter* C D G

  (intro riff)

C D GE-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------5--5h7p5-5h7p5-5h7p5-5h7p5-|A-------3-5-3-------5-7-5------5-7----------------------------|E---3-5---------5-7--------5-7--------------------------------|
C D G FE-------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------5--5h7p5-5h7p5-3h5p3-3h5p3-|A-------3-5-3-------5-7-5------5-7----------------------------|E---3-5---------5-7--------5-7--------------------------------|
C D G FE-------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------1----1---------|G----------------------------------------------3p2--2---------|D----------------------------------5--5h7p5----3----3---------|A-------3-5-3-------5-7-5------5-7----------------------------|E---3-5---------5-7--------5-7--------------------------------|
C D Little lady with Dingwalls bullshit G F Ah, you're so stupid, Foetid brainwaves C D Little lady, what really happens G F When you see mirrors, you get the shivers G (N.C.) G F G (N.C.) G (N.C.) Ahhhh... (keyboards) (bass) (drums) C D Making love to the Mersey tunnel G F With a sausage, have you ever been to Liverpool? C D Please don't talk much, it burns my ears G F Tonight you've talked for a thousand years G Plastics real when you're real sick F Plastics real when you're real sick E5 Plastics real when you're real sick Eb Plastics real when you're real sick (play the above twice) G Bb F G Bb F Tell me what you've got to look so pleased about G Bb F G Bb F Tell me what you've got to look so pleased about G F E5 F G F E5 F Oh! C D London lady, why did you lay me? G F Your head is crowded with the names you've hounded C D The lines around your eyes they show me G F G Bb F You realise the party's over London Lady, party's over London Lady G Bb F G Bb F Tell me what you've got to look so pleased about G Bb F Tell me what you've got to look so pleased about G Bb F (x7) note: Hugh plays a kind of 'anti solo' here, where he just attacks his guitar and plays randomly, unfortunately, it's really low in the mix so more time is needed to decipher it :) end on F. G#m D E C#m B Your skies were blue, goodbye Toulouse E I walked your streets in fear G#m D E C#m B (riff) I washed your streets with tears, Toulouse F#m G#m A B E Goodbye Toulouse E Your cafes tell the tales G#m D E C#m B Of saddened millionaires, Toulouse E A million dreams I've had G#m D E C#m B (riff) A million lies I've told, Toulouse F#m G#m A B Goodbye Toulouse D E D E - D D#5 E guitar solo (over verse chords):
E G#mE--------------0-----------0-----7-5-4-2-0-2-----|B--12s---0-2-4---4-2-0-2-4---4-0-------------4---|G------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------|
D E C#m B E--------------------------------------0-----------0------|B-5^^^^^-5h7p5-4h5p4-4h5p4-2h4p2-0-2-4---4-2-0-2-4---4-0--|G---------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|
E G#mE-s4-2-0-------4-2-0-------7-5-4-2-0-2----|B--------4-2-0-------4-2-0-------------4--|G-----------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
D E C#m BE--------------------------------------0-----------0------|B-5^^^^^-5h7p5-4h5p4-4h5p4-2h4p2-0-2-4---4-2-0-2-4---4-0*-|G---------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------| <-*let ringA---------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|
F#m G#m A B E - G#m D E C#m B (x2, riff second time) F#m G#m A B D E D E - D D#5 E E E Paula leaned down to me G#m D E C#m B From her high balcony, Toulouse E I will return someday G#m D E C#m B (riff) So you can hear me say farewell F#m G#m A B (riff) Goodbye Toulouse (x3) D E D E - D D#5 E end on E.
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