Strapping Young Lad – All Hail The New Flesh tab


Music and lyrics: Devin Townsend

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Guitars to dropped C tuning/ *=muted note(s)
\=slide up

Opening chord from 'Velvet....'

Riff 1- This riff is the main riff for the verse as well
Guitar 2 waits until guitar 1 plays this riff 4 times before coming in, the last time there is some feedback and I'm not quite sure how it is done After drums kick in (Devy screams!)
-------------------- riff 1........"Hey man,..." The 4-3-0 part is double the time of the intro, so it's VERY fast "I will never be afraid"
--8--8--8--8--8-8--8--8--8--8--8-8 --8--8--8--8--8-8
"I'll die with what I believe!!"
Same old Riff 1 until... "All you are is ....... ...All you are... ..........I'm so --5 --2 --5 play this chord fast --2 and this chord fast aswell --3 --0 --- --- The same goes for "I'm so sorry..", but done with different strumming A L L L L L L L --4--( KEEP /8-8-8 --4-- /8-8-8 (x 2 "HAIL!") --4--STRUMMING)/8-8-8 Repeat with "Because it suits me fine" THE NEW FLESH --------5
--0--0--5 (STRUM VERY FAST)--0--0--3--0--0----
Riff 2 - 4-3-1*-1--4-3-1*-1 ---- -- then on the last one you finish with: --1*-1*
The next lil' bit: --------\5-5------\5-------5
--0*-0*-\5-5-0*-0*\5-0*-0*-5 again, repeat a few times ---0*-0*-\3-3-0*-0*\3-0*-0*-3 --0*-0*-\----0*-0*\--0*-0*---
and on the last do:
--0* -----------0*(x6) -----------0* -4*-3*-2*
Then, this bit which is similar to the last
Do Riff 2, "I want it all..." (without the final bit), for a few times and then hold this chord: --4 --4 (Theres some wierd samples, here so it's hard to tell it exactly) --4 Then this before the verse riff which leads to the chorus riff: ---------------0
---------------0 (one guitar lets this note ring)4-4-4-4-4-4----0
Riff 1 Chorus Then this riff again:
and on the last do:
--0* -------------0*(x6) -------------0* -4*-3*-2*
and to finish, do --0 --0 (play this chord a few times, most have muting) --0 Have fun! PdH
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