Stratford 4 – Autopilot tab

The Stratford 4 – Autopilot 

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() indicates alternate fingering repeat 4 times, on the last time only play the first 5 notes: b|-7-7-7-8-10- Verse 1: D Em This world’s too small D Em I can’t go anywhere at all now D Em ‘Cos everything I see D Em It just reminds me of me D Em And you… D Em And you… *This pattern continues throughout all the verses, with the first 5 notes of the intro coming in on guitar 2 Chorus: G G D Gonna put it in an autopilot G G D Close my eyes and just let you drive it G G D Gonna put it in an autopilot G G D Em Close my eyes and just let you drive it, home… Solo: pick b fret 7 for a while, then go into:
repeat twice, on the second time play b fret 3 (or g fret 7) just a few times, then finish w/ b-7-7-8-10 that’s pretty much it, the intro melody and the chords are the same throughout the song, then it ends like this: D Em Do you see my face D Em When you close your eyes… D, Em, G repeat the last three chords four times, I don’t know how to write out the strumming pattern but it’s easy to get if you listen to the song. on the last time through slow down on the G and finish on D. I hope this is right and I’m not the greatest at writing tabs so hopefully you can understand this. any questions or comments just email me, thanks.
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