Strawbs – Midnight Sun tab

Midnight Sun
Hero and Heroine (1973)
tabbed by Ian (

this song is in standard tuning. there are three guitars (or two guitars and
one indian type instrument.)  riffs and solos are at the bottom of the page.

Guitar 1: EADGBE (the 12 string or indian sounding one)
Guitar 2: EADGBE (chords)
Guitar 3: EADGBE (licks/solos)

Guitar 1: Starts off the song. *

Dm (x4)            Em (x4)           Bm (x4)**           C (x4)***

Guitar 3: Starts during Guitar 1 part (listen to the recording.)
Em........A.........Em (riff 1) Verse (Guitar 2) Em D C Bm (riff 1) I have seen the midnight sun shining Em D C Bm I saw you fly away smiling C D The dark night sheds no light Em D C It merely serves a warning D Em D C I pray for one single ray of hope Bm Em (riff 2) Oh midnight sun Em D C Bm (riff 1)**** I have seen the midnight sun shining Em D C Bm (riff 1)**** Watched her rays steadily dying C D The candles are alight Em D C I sit alone in mourning C D Em D C I wonder is there death after life Bm Em Oh midnight sun (solo, see below) Bm C While in my life D I have loved Em I have lost Bm C D I feel no warmth from your days Em D C Bm (riff 1) Yet I have seen the midnight sun shining Em D C Bm (riff 1) Welcomed her full golden lining C D For when I have to fight Em D C To wake up in the morning C D Em D C I look to her for her open arms Bm C Oh midnight sun Bm Em***** Oh midnight sun ------------------------------------------ Riffs, Licks, & Notes Riff 1
Riff 2
Solo (all chords in first position) Bm Ce-------------------------10-----12--10--------5--7--8----8--7----------B-7-8--7-8---8p7p5----5------------------7--8------------------5--7--8--G------------------7----------------------------------------------------D-----------------------------------------------------------------------A-----------------------------------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------------------------
D C9 G Ce---------------------------------8--7--10---8~~~~~---B-10b^--10b^&d---8--7--5---------------------8~~~~~---G-------------------------7--5/9-(9)---------9~~~~~---D-----------------------------------------------------A-----------------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------
Notes p=pull off b^=bend up b^&d=bend up then down /=slide up ( )= ghost note, don't have to play, but could sound good Chords Used:
Em X-7-9-9-8-7A X-X-7-9-10-XD 10-12-12-11-10-10C 8-10-10-9-8-8Bm 7-9-9-7-7-7C9 X-3-2-0-3-3G 3-2-0-0-3-3Dm X-5-7-7-6-5
*variations of this played throughout **fretted as X24432 ***fretted as X3555X ****variation of riff *****fretted as 022000 with
Enjoy :)
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