Stray Cats – Please Dont Touch tab

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From: (Antti Juhani Tietavainen)

                    Stray Cats : Please Don't Touch
I Heard this song and tabbed it, i hope somebody gets something from it.
It's not original Stray Cat's song, i do not just remember who was the
original writer. Enjoy :)


Loop 4 timesE ||-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--0-------------------------- ------------|B ||-------------------3-0--------------------- ------------|G ||-----------------------2-0----------------- ------------|D ||---------------------------2-0----2-------- ------------|A ||----------------------------------2-------- -2--2--2--2-|E ||------------------------------------------- ----3-----3-| """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" This part is also main riff, it will be played at end of every chorus.
Chords are : Em A D A Em Chorus : A Em Please don't touch, A Em I'll shake so much A Em Please don't touch, D I'll shake so much {riff} -- +-------------------------------------------------------------+ | To contact me : | | Internet : | | Fidonet : Antti Tietavainen 2:227/2 |
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