Struckdown - Purity tab

Track 6: Purity
Revolution Album
Released 2005
Drop D Tunning

main riff

e-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------|D-1212-------1212-------88-------1010-------|A-1212-------1212-------88-------1010-------|E-1212-00000-1212-00000-88-00000-1010-00000-| ..... ..... ..... .....
Harmonica part arranged for guitar
Guitar lead
play that once then play the main riff...repeat this over and over again until end End on
Legend: . = palm mute ~ = hold note lyrics: Drug free purity. i pray purify me. drug free ill always be. one life pure one life clean. this is my first tab. i have been looking for this bands tabs and no one has tab anything so i decided to do it myself -seth k.
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