Stuart Townend – From The Squalor Of A Borrowed Stable chords

D Bm Em7 D A7sus4

[Verse 1]
DFrom the squalor of a borrowed stable
Bm Em7 D A7by the spirit of a virgins faith
Dto the anguish and the shame of scandal
Bm A7 Dcame the saviour of the human race
D/F# Gbut the skies were filled with the praise of heaven
D A7 Ashepherds listen as the angels tell
D D/F# Gof the gift of god come down to man
D A7 Dat the dawning of Emmanuel
[verse 2]
Dking of heaven now the friend of sinners
Bm Em7 D A7humble servant in the fathers hands
Dfilled with power and the Holy Spirit
Bm A7 Dfilled with mercy for the broken man
D/F# Gyes he walked my road and he felt my pain
D A7 Ajoys and sorrows that I know so well
D D/F# Gyet his righteous steps give me hope again
D A7 Di will follow my Emmanuel
[verse 3]
Dthrough the kisses of a friends betrayal
Bm Em7 D A7he was lifted on a cruel cross
Dhe was punished for a worlds transgressions
Bm A7 Dhe was suffering to save the lost
D/F# Ghe fights for breath, he fights for me
D A7 Aloosing sinners from the chains of hell
D D/F# Gand with a shout our souls are free
D A7 Ddeath defeated by Emmanuel
[verse 4]
Dnow heโ€™s standing in the place of honour
Bm Em7 D A7crowned with glory on the highest throne
Dinterceding for his own beloved
Bm A7 Dtill his father calls to bring them home
D/F# Gthen the skies will part as the trumpets sounds
D A7 Ahope of heaven or the fear of hell
D D/F# Gbut the bride will run to her lovers arms
D Am7 Dgiving glory to Emmanuel
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