Stuntditch – State Of Mind tab

  - State of Mind by Raul Midon -   tabbed by Bob M.

Raul Midon is a great guitarist& songwriter, perhaps under estimated for such great
I tabbed this in conjunction with the Raul tutorial on youtube -
im not plugging the site! Just it's useful in getting the rhythm as it's fairly tricky 
he explains it well, dispite playing it fast enough. It's hard but worth the practise.

This is the bulk of the song - enjoy learning it!


It sounds pretty accurate - you be the judge! I put in the Slaps as an aid. My email is if you have any questions or comments but constructive criticism please. Tablature Notation: S = Slap * = Harmonics x = Mute fretting hand h = Hammer on D = Down stroke U = Up stroke. 29.03.08
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