Sublime – Doin Time tab

"Doin' Time"(aka Summertime)
by Sublime
Tabbed by Mark D.

X-muted string

Written by Brad Nowell, Marshall Goddman, George Gerswhin, Ira 
Gershwin, Du Bose Heyward, and Dorothy Heyward.

Well Brad doesn't use much guitar on this except for the break, but the 
xylophone intro and main riff sounds good if you use a clean electric 
guitar.This is the intro. Simple.  Just repeat throughout the song.

Gm      C

(let ring)

E|-----------------|B|----3---5--------|G|----3---5--------|D|-5---------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|And then the break. ("Me and my girl...")
Gm C6E|--X-3-------X--3--X--5---|B|--X-3--X-3--X--3--X--5---|G|---------X--3------------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Very easy.
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