Submersed - Flicker chords

Submersed - Flicker
Tabbed by: TobiK
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
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Have fun playing this great song!!
INTRO: There's already a very good tab for the intro on this site, just check it out!

F Em AmA star fades in space
As a candle flickers
F Em CBurning out of trace
F Em AmLive our lives with grace
As our candles flicker
F Em AmBurning out of trace
F Em C Bb AmBurning out of trace
FChoose your words
CChoose them wise
G G#5 AmFor they will lead to your demise
FTake my life
CTake my faith
G F Em AmTo stop the tears that run down your face
F Em AmBut I'm happy here
As the plot grows thicker
F Em CPassing with the years
F Em AmLive my life with fear
As our leaders bicker
F Em AmPassing with the years
F Em C Bb AmPassing with the years
CHORUS: (same chords) BRIDGE/SOLO: Am B5 Em CHORUS (last chord:Am)
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