Subseven - Weatherman tab

I worked this out on my piano and it is perfect.

It's 4/4, Triplet swing (33% swing), about 130bpm, 
Bouncy crotchets (ie. similar to the Beatles 'When I'm Sixty-Four')

The Csus/G in the |G Csus/G| bars is pushed forward by a quaver

Intro: |G Csus/G|x4   |F   C  |D      |

Verse 1
 Am    D    G                 C
    Anyway, what's it like to be afraid?
 Am              D    G          C
    It's hard to say. Isn't it a bit like flying
 Am        D    G        C       Am              C
    In the face of a situation that you can't control
    G           Csus/G
    Weatherman (Weatherman) x2

    G                     D
    I believe you are the sun, you 
    C                D
    are the moon and kisses.
    G                      D
    Laughing at things and crying at things that are 
    C                   D
    really none of your business
    G           D/F#         C/E         D       G   D/F#  C/E  D
    But I don't think you'll ever really understand.

Verse 2
 Am           D    G             C
    Can't you be a little more upfront with me
 Am           D   G            C
    I need to see everything I need to see
 Am            D
    And let me show you
    G           Csus/G
    Weatherman (Weatherman) x2


 A                  D                  B     A
    And it feels so right to know you
 A                    D                 F  D/F#  F/A   D
    And it feels just right to show you

Verse 3
 Am              D        G                  C
    I'm past the point of hoping that you're going to share
 Am              D              G          C
    with me your thoughts, well anyway I'm not afraid 
 Am             D
    then let me hear you
    G           Csus/G       (Repeat until fade.)
    Weatherman (Weatherman)
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