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From: Daniel L. Lovall 
Subject: /Suede/MetalMickey.crd
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 93 19:54:32 EST
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> Metal Mickey is the first single released in the US.  There's a lot of
> guitar lines and doodles in this song, and unfortunately I really wasn't
> able to pick most of them out of the mix.  So call this a rough outline, if
> you will.  The original key is Ab, so tune each string down a half step if
> you want to play along with the CD.
> Corrections/improvements/additions/comments are most definitely welcome.
> Enjoy,
> Bob

Artist:  Suede
Title:  Metal Mickey

 Notation:  fb = feedback   2(p)0 = pull off


-----------------------------------------------| ---------------------1-------------------------| -0(fb)--2(p)0------0---0-----------------------| -------------2(p)0-------0---------------------| ---------------------------3--0----------------|_(effects) (I think he scrapes the pick -----------------------------------------------| along the A string)
The main rhythm is A5 A5 G A5:
-----------------------------------| -----------------------------------| -2-2-0-2-2-------------------------| -2-2-0-2-2-------------------------| -0-0---0-0---etc.------------------| -----------------------------------|
so the rest of the intro, as well as the verses, are
A5 G D C A (with this lick thrown in:E|-2-3-2-3----| B|-2-2-2-2----| G|------------|
A5 G D C A Well she's show showing it off then the glitter in her lovely eyes A5 G D C A Show show showing it off then and all the people shake their money in time CHORUS: G C D C G C D She sells heart, she sells meat A D E D G E Oh Dad, she's driving me mad, come see A5 G D C A We shake shake shake to the trumpet and through the slippery city we ride A5 G D C A Skyline swine on the circuit where all the people shake their money in time Repeat Chorus: then A5 G A5 G A5 G etc. into solo (A blues pentatonic scale, centered around 5th position: notes are A C D E G) Repeat Chorus: CODA: A D E D A D E She sells heart, she sells meat (repeat and fade)
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