Suede - Obsessions chords

F#m Em
F#m Em A

F#m EmIt's the way you pick your clothes off the floor
F#m EmIt's the way you scratch your skin when you yawn
F#m EmIt's the t-shirts that you choose like you're in the Air Force
F#m Em AYeah the language that you use reacts like chemicals
D BmObsessions in my head
F#mDon't connect with my intellect
EmIt's called obsession
ACan you handle it?
D BmIt's connected to the hip sounds
F#m And it moves with the underground
EmIt's called obsession
AWhen you're around
It's the way you close the doors of my car It's the stupid things you bought with my credit card It's the way you don't read Camus or Brett Easton Ellis Yeah the TCP you use, it stings when we kiss Tabbed by Simon Rigelsford
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