Sufjan Stevens - Only At Christmas Time chords

from vol. II of Songs for Christmas, this is an original by sufjan
he finger picks this one, which i will give an example of, 
but you can just play the chords and it sounds very good

chords used:  Am-    (x02210)
              G/Am-  (320010)
              F-     (133211) 
              C-     (x32010)
              G-     (320001)
              C/Am-  (x32210)

the picking pattern sufjan uses goes like this: Am G/Ame|--------------------------------------------------|B|------1-1------1-1------1-----1-1----1-1----1-1---|G|--------------------------------------------------|D|------2-2------2-2------2-----0-0----0-0----0-0---|A|---0--------0--------0----------------------------|E|----------------------------3------3------3-------|
F G/Ame|--------------------------------------------------|B|------1-1------1-1------1-----1-1----1-1----1-1---|G|--------------------------------------------------|D|------3-3------3-3------3-----0-0----0-0----0-0---|A|--------------------------------------------------|E|---1--------1--------1------3------3------3-------|
this carries through the whole song, just change the chord shapes during the chorus-- also i find it easiest to just keep you index finger on the b string on the first fret throughout the verses, even during the F chord during that F, just use your thumb for the bass note on the low E string no capo-- standard tuning
Am G/Am F Only to bring you peace,
G/Am Am Only at Christmas time,
G/Am F Only the King of Kings,
G/Am Am Only what once was mine,
G/Am F It takes the end of time,
G/Am Am It takes a long, long time,
G/Am F Only one thought of mine,
G/Am C Only at Christmas time.
C G/Am (or possibly just G, not sure) He brings us peace,
F He brings us joy,
G/Am Am (or maybe C/Am, you decide) He brings all thoughts to destroy,
G/Am C Only at Christmas time,
C G/Am To bring us peace,
F To bring us joy,
G/Am Am To bring all thoughts to destroy,
G/Am Am Only at Christmas time.
Am G/Am F Only at Christmas time,
G/Am Am Only a dream to cry,
G/Am F Only at Christmas time,
G/Am Am If you can read the sign,
G/Am F Only at Christmas time,
G/Am Am Everything lost will be found,
G/Am F Only at Christmas time,
G/Am C Only at Christmas time
thats it-- rate it and leave any comments or corrections-- thanks
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