Sufjan Stevens – Springfield Or Bobby Got A Shadfly Caught In His Hair tab

Sufjan Stevens : Springfied
The Avalanche:  Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album
Asthmatic Kitty Records 2006

Intro and verse, hammer part

E C G De----------------------------------------------------x---|b---------------------------1------------------------3---|g--4p0--2p0--0--------------0--------------0---------2---|d-------------2-------2-----2---0h2-0------0------0------|a-------------2--0h2--------3--------------x--0h2--------|e-------------0----------------------------3-------------|
W/ hammers: Em I don't care to say what C G D I failed to recognize Em C G D Every single day from the poker to the prize W/o hammers: Em Running out of Springfield C G D I worked for the Capitol Air in the [bags?] Em C Found a woman there who said G D She had a mind to make me a messenger man G---0---2---4----------- Am G D If my father took his life for national plan I don't care Am G D I'm not about to stake my grave with a paper and a bucket of plans Never ever Am I can take the pillowcases off the yellow pillows G D Make a property line from the bed Am In the living room, the living room, the morning papers G D Make the most out of nothing at all W/ hammers: Em C G D So we took the room with a view of the run[a]way Em C G D I took off my clothes and she took it for a holiday (solo) W/o hammers: Em C G D I was taken for all the things that I never had before Em Running out of Springfield C G D She left me with a note saying "Bobby don't look back" G---0---2---4----------- Am G D And if my wife took a bicycle ride with a knife in her hand I saw it coming Am G D All the shadflies run at once with a trumpet or a train Oh I'm running from it Am Wait a minute, wait a minute G D Give a minute, baby, I can explain the aftershave Am Wait a minute, wait a minute, give a minute G D Bobby got a shadfly caught in his hair
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