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From: Jere Klami 
Subject: TAB(sort of): Feeling Better by Sugar

Because the song is a total mess of short bits repeated many times in
different orders, I tried to tab the short bits. Just listen to the
record and try to figure out the whole song , if you have patience. I
didn't. I numbered the parts from (1) to (6).

(1) (2)------------------------------------ same -------------|------------------------------------ as -------------|13---13-----11-11---10--10----8-8--- (1), 10-11-10-8---|13---13-----11-11---11--11----9-9--- but 11-11-11-9---|11---11-----9--9----11--11----9-9--- ends 11-11-11-9---|--------------------9---9-----7-7--- with 9--9--9--7---|
(3) (4)------------------------------------- same --------|------------------------------------- as 7-9-----|--------------11-11------------------ (3), 9-11---|11--9--11--9--11-11-11--9--11(xx-xx-x-) but 9-11-|11--9--11--9--9--9--11--9--11(xx-xx-x-) ends 7-9--|9---7--9---7--------9---7--9-(xx-xx-x-) with -----|play (3) 2 times, those x's are usedfor the first time. It means: mute the strings.
(5) (6)--9---4----6---- ---8-----6-----------|---------------- ---9-----7-----6-----|-8-8-6-6-----5-- -10-10-10-10--7--7---|6---4-----6----6 -10-10-10-10-8----8--|---------6------ 8-----6------8-----8-|--------4------- ------------6--------|
After the first three minutes there's a part like this, mostly just guitar: (1) (1) (1)---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------|4--------------- 4---6---4------- 4--------------- 4-------6---9---|6--------------- 6---8---6------- 6--------------- 6-------8---11--|6--------------- 6---8---6------- 6--------------- 6-------8---11--|4--------------- 4---6---4------- 4--------------- 4-------6---9---|An then, another three minutes of these short parts combined in strangeways, with little guitar solo bits. I hope if this was of ANY assistance. - Lattialla on hyv{ olla, ei huolet paina ei rasitu polla... From: Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 13:41:49 -0500 Subject: Tab(correct version): "Feeling Better" by Sugar Written by Bob Mould, (c)1993 Granary Music Transcribed by Note: This song is played with a capo on the 1st fret. The tab is transposed to reflect that. (i.e. a 1 on the B string will be C#, not C. Get it?) Just follow along with the song, putting the bits and pieces together, and you should figger it out. Geez, Bob Mould can write some complex shit!
G# F# C BF----3----1----0----1----|C----3----1----1----3----|G#---4----2----0----3----|D#---5----3----2----3----|A#---5----3----3----1----|F----3----1----0----1----|
(break 1) C B F#F----8----6----8----|C----8----6----10---|G#---9----7----10---|D#---10---8----10---|A#---10---8----8----|F----8----6----8----|(played C/B/C/B/F# during "try to get away but i fall back again,i get up off the floor, i'm comin' back for more")
(break 2)F---------------------------------------|C---------------------------------------|G#-------0-------0----------------------|D#-----4---4---2---2-----0-------0------|A#---5-------3---------2---2---2---2----|F--------------------3-------3----------|(played during "you need it, you get some hate, you found it, but it's too late")
(break 3)F-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|C-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|G#-------0-------0--------------------|-------0-------0---------------------|D#-----4---4---2---2-------------0----|-----5---5---4---4-----0-------0-----|A#---5-------3---------0-2-0---2---2--|---7-------5---------4---4---4---4---|F--------------------3-------3--------|-------------------5-------5---------|(played during "hope you're feelin' better I'm not bitter yet you're fadin' through the years")
(break 4)F----------------------|C----------------------|G#-------0-------0-----|D#-----4---4---2---2---|A#---5-------3---------|F----------------------|(played during weird jumble of breaks at end of song)
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