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From: (Arnold Bennett)

The Artist:	Sugar
The Song:	Changes -- off of copper blue


e|:---7-8-7-7---7---7---7-------:| (2 times)B|:-----------8---8---8---8-----:|G|:-----------------------------:|D|:-----------------------------:|A|:-----------------------------:|E|:-----------------------------:|
A C E D C G I want something like I remember A C E D C G And I want something that lasts forever A C E D C G I remember the times you said that you'd be true to me. A F |: E D C G :| (3 times) A C Look at how the weathers changing <<<>>> I'm accustomed to your deception comes the rule with no exception and ive been dragged across the river running far and wide come and see how I feel inside _________________________________________________________________ (1:19 on CD) (A) for two measures E B Changes for the better F# D Changes for the worst A E F# (palm muted) Changes with summer and fall E B now youre a stranger F# D spare me some change D A B E F# so I can find someone to call my own Now that winter has fallen upon us i need something that's warm and honest and if i found someone who thinks that they'll be true to me i really wouldn't want to change it I have seen I have seen what these changes mean to me If you're thinking of staying with me we need to agree we need to make some changes we need what we need i need you do you need me? - M.B. -- - Life is the crummiest book I ever read, There isn't a hook, just a lot of cheap shots - BAD RELIGION
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