Sugar – Believe What Youre Saying tab

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From: (Bradley Thomas Heim)

Believe What You're Saying
by Sugar
Album: _File_Under_Easy_Listening_

Transcribed by: Brad Heim



Chords behind riff G D C C/D D G This is where the line is C G D That I've drawn across the sand D G And this is where my heart aches C G D Unaware and in my hand Em C This is where it's gone Em C G D This is where the heartache's goin' on C D I can go it alone G D C D I can't believe what you're saying G D C D I've got to leave for you're sailing on and on G D C D I can't repeat what it's all about is wrong G D I can't believe what you're saying (Intro riff 2x) This is how the time goes in an ordinary town And this is how it all ends up When you run the whole thing down This is how it's gone This is how it's already gone and I know you keep going along
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