Sugarcubes - Motorcycle Mama chords


Verse I.

E E E E-E Tell your daddy and your mama too,
E E E-A You got something better to do.
A A A-E Don't stick around the house the rest of your life,
E E Your're eighteen, you can do what you like.
B You'll be the queen of my highway,
A My motorcycle mama.
E E E We'll see the world from my Harley.
Verse II.
E E E E-E We'll get matching jackets and helmets too,
E E E-A We'll get respect from the town's we ride through.
A A A-E We'll sleep at the roadside in the soft green grass,
E And if the squares walk by we'll let them pass.
Chorus... Verse III.
E E E-E And maby in a year or two,
E E E-A We'll have a little one, she'll look just like you.
A A A-E We'll add on a sidecar, electric guitar,
N.C. E E-E We'll be a trio, the baby makes three-oh!
Verse I. Chorus...
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