Sugarloaf – Dont Call Us Well Call You tab

	                Don't Call Us We'll Call You - Sugarloaf
Tabbed by: Vic Dickenson

Tuning: standard

opening riff e|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|--0--0--3--3----------0---0----0---3-3-----------|E|-----------------3------3---------------3--------|
Beatle riff repeate|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------8-7--5-7-5---------------------------------------------|G|-------7--7-5----------------5------------------------------------------|D|---0----------7---------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A5 G5 Long distance directory assistance area code 212 D Dm A5 Say hey A and R this is Mr. Rhythm and Blues A5 He said hello and put me on hold G5 To say the least the cat was cold D Dm A5 He said don’t call us child we’ll call you Opening riff I said you got my number He said yeah I got it when you walked in the door Beatle riff opening riff Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Beatle riff opening riff Don’t call us, we’ll call you. 2nd verse I got your name from a friend of a friend Who said he used to work with you Remember the all night creature from stereo 92. Yeah I said could you relate to a quarter track tape You know the band performs in the nude He said uhn uh don’t call us child we’ll call you.. Listen kid you paid for the call You ain’t bad but we’ve heard it all before Yeah it sounds like John, Paul and George 3rd verse Anyway, we cut a hit and we toured a bit With a song, he said he couldn’t use And now he calls and begs and crawls It’s telephone déjà vu We got percentage points and lousy joints And all the glitter we can use mama So uhn uh don’t call us now we’ll call you. Listen kid you paid for the call You ain’t bad but I’ve heard it all before Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.
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