Sugarplum Fairy – Marigold tab

Sugarplum Fairy – Marigold

Intro: (4x) A D E|----5---------7---5---5---5-------|----5---------7---5---4---2-------||----5---------5---5---7---5-------|----7---------9---7---5---3-------||----6---------6---6---6---6-------|----7---------9---7---6---4-------||----7---------x---x---x---x-------|----7---------9---7---6---4-------||----7---------7---7---7---7-------|----5---------7---5---4---2-------||----5---------5---5---5---5-------|----------------------------------|
Vers 1: A C#m And I say go go get it on D E We pass out in the dawn A C#m To make us both shake D E It feels so good A C#m Go go set it off D E We last out through the rough A C#m That was then it was when D E We felt so good Chorus: (E) A Now you can take what you want And take what you need D E A I say ain't worry me no more C#m D 'cause you are not what I want E A And I said do what you want And do what you need D E A I say ain't worry me no more C#m D 'cause you are not what I want E No no no no no Introriff (2x) Vers 2: Hey time don't mean a thing And nothing it would bring When I'm here you're near We feel so good Touch of heated skin And sounds of breathin' in That was then it was when We felt so good Chorus Solo Vers 3: (acoustic) Five years run by so fast The good things never last By your side I'm alright It feels so good I know you inside out And still you make me doubt Here's to you here's for you Hope you catch it too Chorus Outro (Introriff 4x … A)
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