Suicide Machines - I Dont Wanna Hear It tab

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Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:04:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: i don't wanna hear it

Song:I Don't Wanna Hear It
Artists:Suicide Machines
Album: Destruction By Definition
tabbed by:skunkX
corrected by:samuel barker
sent to olga by:samuel barker
please send me all punk/ska tabs not on the net or suicide machines songs
like insecurities, zero, inside/outside, .......

Intro: F#  B  Eii (distortion)
       F#s  Bs  Eii (clean)

verse 1: (clean)
F#s                    Bs            Eii
i don't wanna hear it, all you do is talk about you
i don't wanna hear it, cause you know none of it's true
i don't wanna hear it, sick and tired of all your lies
i don't wanna hear it, when are you gonna realize

chorus: (distortion)
F#ii          Eii    B  C#       B       F#
i don't wanna hear it, i know you full of shit
F#ii          Eii    B    C#
i don't wanna hear it !!!

repeat intro

repeat verse 1

repeat chorus

repeat intro

verse 3:
shut you fuckin mouth i don't care what you say
you keep talking and your talking everyday
first your telling stories then you're telling lies
when the fuck are you gonna realize?

repeat chorus


chords used: F# Bb Eii F#ii C# F#s Bse-/---/---/---/----/---/-2-/-4-/B-/---/---/---/----/---/-2-/-4-/G-/---/-4-/-9-/-11-/-6-/-3-/-4-/D-/-4-/-4-/-9-/-11-/-6-/-4-/-4-/A-/-4-/-2-/-7-/--9-/-4-/---/---/E-/-2-/---/---/----/---/---/---/
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