Suicide Machines – The Real You tab

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Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 12:08:46 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: the real you by suicide machines

song:the real you
artists:suicide machines
album:skank for brains and destruction by definition
tabbed by:samuel barker
(drum intro)

D  D  D  C  G  C  D  C  G

D                        Gii
the word real defined is what lies inside
(same chords)
you're not the personthat i once knew you're not the you i'm used to
all this wool is buggin my eyes and i never really realized
that beyond this plastic shell you cannot even tell

verse 1:
  D                         As
i can't come in because you won't let me break
             Gs              As
through this mask of who you are
(same chords)
you won't let down your sheild it's you best defense
it won't devastate you it's really hard
for me to tell you evrything that i want to tell you
but you never knew the real me i'm sure i never knew the real

D   C G               C    D                    C    G
you   i wanna see the real you! i wanna see the real you
                C    D                    C    G
i wanna see the real you! i wanna see the real you!

verse 2:
conflicting spheres of interest pose a threat to who we are
and where we want to be no we just can't see so we throw the balls up
around ourselves
our visions are dulled and doubtful you know it's a double standard
that'll rap you tight inside ourselves and never let us out

repeat chorus

A G               A  G               A  G            A  G           A
    motherfucker!      fuckin bitch!      hypocrite!      ahhhhhhhh!

for the skank for brains version repeat verse 1.

for the dbd version repeat chorus and end on D
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