Suicide Machines – Zero tab

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Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 14:43:21 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 
Subject: zero by the sucide machines

artists:the suicide machines
album:destruction by definition
tabbed by: samuel barker

yes boys and girls i finally figured out a suicide machine tab alone.
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intro: A  Db  D

verse 1:
A           Db        D
i'm not the same as i was when i was young
A   Db          D
and neither are you
(same chords)
there's been a lot of changes in both of us
you said you see that too

verse 1b:
A           Eii           D
i've wasted such a lot of time to find i was
looking at the wrong things
A          Eii            D
if it's an apology you're waiting for
you could wait a long time

B                  A
said this over the phone  4x

A           D
i've wasted such a long time to
Eii     D
just to feel like zero
A           D
life really sucks you know when you
Eii     D
yeah i feel like zero
A           D
i've wasted such a long time to
A       D
just to feel like zero

verse 2a:
you're not the only one who's held in
you said i broke your heart
it would've been the other way around when i was young
but sooner or later we've all got to grow up

repeat verse 1b

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus

G       C                D        C
i don't know if i should tell you how i'm feeling
G                  C
chances are you'll laugh at me
    D                    C
and tell me i don't know what i'm saying
   G           C's not my fault 4x

alternate between A  Db  D and A  Db  D  Db  B
A           Db     D
i'm not the same i was when i was young

end on A

chords used G A B C Db De-/---/---/---/---/---/---/-|B-/---/---/---/---/---/---/-|G-/---/---/-4-/-5-/-6-/-7-/-|D-/-5-/-7-/-4-/-5-/-6-/-7-/-|A-/-5-/-7-/-2-/-3-/-4-/-5-/-|E-/-3-/-5-/---/---/---/---/-|
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