Suicide Machines – Its The End Of The World As We Know It tab

Band - Suicide Machines
Song - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (R.E.M Cover)
Album - Steal This Record

Tabbed By : SumFX (Tyler Freear)

I Got The "Steal This Record" Album Today!
And I Instantly Loved This Cover Of A Great Band (R.E.M)

I'm Suprised No One Has Tabbed This So I Had A Go, Tell Me What You Think!

Pretty Easy Chords G D C For Most Of It!

The Lead Guitar Was Hard To Hear So This Is Just The Rhythm Guitar.

Main Riff|-------------------||-------------------||----------55555555-||-55555555-55555555-||-55555555-33333333-||-33333333----------|
Riff 2|-------------------||-------------------||-------------------||-88888888-77777777-||-88888888-77777777-||-66666666-55555555-|
Chorus "Its The End Of The World As We Know It" "And i feel fine"|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------||----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------||------7777-5555-|------7777-5555-|------7777-5555-|--------------||-5555-7777-5555-|-5555-7777-5555-|-5555-7777-5555-|-555555555555-||-5555-5555-3333-|-5555-5555-3333-|-5555-5555-3333-|-555555555555-||-3333-----------|-3333-----------|-3333-----------|-333333333333-|
Bridge (Clean)|-3----2----0-||-3----3----1-||-0----2----0-||-0----0----2-||-2---------3-||-3-----------|
Main riff x4 Riff 2 x1 (x2) Chorus Main Riff x4 Riff 2 x1 Chorus Main Riff x2 Riff 2 x1 Main Riff x2 Riff 2 x1 Chorus Bridge Chorus And Thats It! Rate, Comment, Corrections(if any) Please!
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