Summer Fiction – Chandeliers chords

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Capo on 1st fret (for easier rendition)

Basic chord pattern: 

[G] [Em] [Bm] [D]

[G] [Em]Thoughts remain
[Bm] [D]Feelings unspoken
[G] [Em]A moth to flame
[Bm] [D]Walking on broken glass
[G] [Em] [Bm] [D]
[G] [Em]Catch a plane
[Bm] [D]To the Sahara
[G] [Em]Then pray for rain
[Bm] [D]Running mascara
[G] [Em] [Bm] [D]
[Am] [D]Now's the time to get on your feet, dear
[Am] [D] Love is blind under the chandeliers.
[G] [Em] [Bm] [D]
[G] [Em]An unmade bed
[Bm] [D]A high threshold for pain
[G] [Em]The things you said
[Bm] [D]A pillowcase lipstick stain
[G] [Em] [Bm] [D]
[Am] [D]Now's the time to put on your face dear
[Am] [D]You were mine under the chandeliers
[G] [Em]
[Bm] [D]Under the chandeliers
(repeat a few times, end on [G])
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