Summer Salt – So Polite chords

[Verse 1]

D/C Cadd9 FmajInside
D/C Cadd9 FmajI must be kind
Am7 D7sus2Ain't that the way we ought to be
D7sus2 G7So polite
D/C Cadd9 FmajBut these planes
D/C Cadd9 FmajOutside the lakes
Am7 D7sus2 D7sus2 G7Hittin' jet speed and they just keep rockin', my boat
D/C Cadd9 FmajAnd I try
D/C Cadd9 FmajSo hard, to sway
Am7Seeing double anyway
D7sus2 That I can breathe
D7sus2 G7Guess a swim'll be nice
D/C Cadd9 FmajWhoo-hoo whoo-hoo ooo
D/C Cadd9 FmajWhoo-hoo whoo-hoo ooo
[Verse 2]
Am7Trying so hard to find
D7sus2 What's wrong
D7sus2 G7When everything is alright
Am7Feeling so scared
D7sus2 I'll lose the game
D7sus2 G7When I've a hundred lives
D/C Cadd9 Fmaj(No words)
D/C Cadd9 Fmaj(No words)
Am7 D7sus2(No words)
D7sus2 G7(No words)
C7Oh wha-oh uh-wha-oh woah
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