Summer Salt – Fading Away chords

B E5 B E5 B B5 F# (x2)

[Verse 1]
B E BToday, they mock me
E B F#7I was thinking of taking it away
B E BLife, fool's gold
E B F#7I was thinking of fading away
[Verse 2]
EHanging by a chance
B F#Skipping down the street, in the barrio, waiting
E BLife on the sand, I was playing
F#To be staying
[Verse 3]
EGoing back and forth
B F#Chasing down the fuse for your stereo
ELighting my fire
B F#Looking for a way to get back home
D#m EIf I get back to life I will be ready
B A# D#mI will begin again
D#m EMost of my life I have been dreaming
B A#So boy, I get it
[Verse 4]
B E B E B F#7Oh, my ghost, my love, is a radio
B E B E B F#7Gone with lies, I was thinking about fading away
E B F#Life keeps catching on, I'll be thinking about
E B F#All my life I've waited for this moment to choose
[Verse 5]
E BI was living up too, that was up in my room
F# G#mAnd we're sleeping out of tunes and I cry cry cry
E BLonely back home, darling you'll leave my room
F# G#mThrough the hallway soon, I'll be fly fly fly
[Outro and solo] E B F# (x7) E
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