Sweet To Me chords with lyrics by Summer Salt - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Summer Salt – Sweet To Me chords

A F#m E


AYou’re so sweet to me
F# Bm Will you be sour later?
E ALet’s climb in our tree
F#m BmLooking back, looking back I remember
A Bm F#mStepping out on the moon
Bm E EBack home where we’re from (back home where we're from)
A E C#mDigging your company
Bm EThese days have just begun (days have just begun)
Bm C#m F#mNow a days the waves ride high as we crash on the ocean floor
Bm C#mDusting off the daisy chain you wore when life was new and strange
F# F#m BmTaking us back for a change
E Bm E [Verse]
E AYou’re so sweet to me
F# Bm EBringing treats back from the food trailer
AI could leave you a key
F#m Bm EKicking back, kicking back feeling lazy
A Bm F#mTripping around the house
Bm EBeen away too long (been away too long)
A E C#mSpinning me all your love
E Bm EThough I’m lost and gone (though i'm lost and gone)
Bm E C#m F#mNow a days you’re still my partner in crime my cherry lime
Bm C#m AShaking out the stereo with songs we used to know and sing
F#m BmTaking us back for a change
E Bm E Bm E Bm E A Bm A E D Bm C#m E A Bm A Bm D E A Bm C#m A D E A
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