Sundays - When Im Thinking About You tab


Guitar transcription by Nathan Gilera Hayag

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(All chords relative to capo)

CHORDS: G - 320033 Em - 022000 A - x02220-| D - xx0232 Am - x02210 F - 133211-| C - x32010 *C6 - x32210 *optional chordINTRO: G- Em- G- Em- A- Em- A- D-
VERSE 1: G Em Over the rooftops a plane in the sky. G Em Beat of a bass drum, cars passing me by. A Em Under a bridge dark then back into light. A D River of raincoats and a forest of faces. VERSE 2: G Em Still for a moment then red into green. G Em Slow shuffling shoes whisper sight unseen. A Em Row upon row of houses return an empty stare. A D Letting the daydream for a little while longer. CHORUS 1: G D Am Hey, hope I'll never wake, C When I'm thinking about you. G D Am Yea-yeah, hope I'll never wake, C Am *C6/ C6/ Coz now I'm thinking about you. VERSE 3: G Em Two-minute hailstorm then melts into rain. G Em I will (sling me a rainbow?), it's sunny again. A Em Swallows overhead while the traffic snarls below. A D Could I, could I keep dreaming for a little while longer? CHORUS 2: G D Am Yeah, Hope I'll never wake, C When I'm thinking about you. G D Am So that you know I never want to wake, C Coz now I'm thinking about you. BRIDGE: Em F When you're searching your soul C And you're searching for pleasure, Am How often pain is all you find. Em F But when you're coasting along C And nobody's trying too hard, D You can turn around and like where you are. INSTRUMENTAL: G- D- Am- C- G- D- Am- C- too-doot too-doot... CHORUS 3: G D Am Hey yeah, and I hope I'll never wake, C When I'm thinking about you. G D Am And I close my eyes yeah, now I'll never never wake, C Am G So why should I stop thinking about you?
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