Detroit Has A Skyline chords with lyrics by Superchunk - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Superchunk – Detroit Has A Skyline chords

 i was just looking for chords on this song today and i decided to figure it out.
 There's no timing here or anything, only the chords.
Listen to the song and figure out the timing!
 You can hear it pretty well here:

the intro chords are:

Then, the verse chords are:E|--x--0--x---x---x--x---|B|--x--5--12--10--9--10--|G|--9--4--x---x---x--x---|D|--9--6--9---7---6--7---|A|--7--4--0---0---0--0---|E|--0--0--x---x---x--x---|
finally, the chorus chords are:
Enjoy! Eli
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