Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker tab

Someone asked for some Superchunk stuff; I think they kick butt- so
here's my attempt at one of my faves.  As you might have guessed the
words are only approximations of what I thought I heard...

Intro Lick  (play twice- loosely adherent to this rhythm)

Verse: E E/D# Had enough of what's right A B I've got some des'prate ways (Ya can't smush them) E E/D# I'm wastin' my time A B I'd like to see you try and get it back Intro twice (again) CHORUS: E E C# C# C# B I am workin' E E C# C# C# B But I'm not working for you E E C# C# C# B (Nooooooooo! [2nd time only]) A A A G/A B Slack Motherf**ker! Intro twice (again!) Verse: When I sit down I kick the stool right out from under you. Don't wanna see ya' outside When I could do the same thing too-- Intro twice (yes, again) CHORUS (Killer solo) E D E D E D E D... Intro twice (yet again!) CHORUS... (followed by) A A A G/A B Slack Motherf**ker! A A A G/A B You Motherf**ker! (Repeat and fade) --------- Joe Staton
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