Superdrag – Do The Vampire tab

intro/verse riff:

C# C# C# C# Ab   Ab   F F  F F  etc

C#          Ab        F
        in a car crash
C#          Ab        F
        and a bedfire
        do the backlash
        do the vampire
        in the same place
        with a straight face
        twist the knife out
        do the hip-shake


            F# / /   / /  F# / /   Ab /
dead on the inside                 dead on

Bb * Bb  / /  Bb * Bb  Ab /           * = x111xx .. called a Bbno5 maybe?
the inside             we don't
F# / /   / /  F# / /   Ab /
want to know           dead on
Bb * Bb  / /  * Bb  / Bb A Ab G
the inside


F#                      Ab
we don't want to know a secret
         C#                Eb
we don't think it bears repeating
          F#                   Ab         (tacit)
we don't want to know what's really going

verse riff:

C#  Ab  F
C#  Ab  F

verse, pre-chorus, chorus
verse riff x 2, solo over pre-chorus, let Bb ring

  [bass solo]

come in on:  Bb

Bb   Bb A Ab G
F# Ab C# Eb x 3
F# Ab C# Eb F#(V) C#(V) (tacit)

verse riff x 2, end on F F

Songs by John Davis.
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