Supergrass – Time tab

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From:  Andrew Mulhern  
Subject:  Time by SUPERgrass.

This is my favorite song from the absolutly superb " I SOULD COCO " album.



Riff A

E|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------0-----------------|G|----------------------4-----------------|D|----------2----------2------------------|A|---2--4----x-x-x-----x-x-x-x------------| ( The mutes are plam ones, play them very lightly )E|----------------------------------------|
Riff B
INTRO: Riff A x8 VERSE 1: Riff A x3 The time is on the way Riff B x1 My love Riff A x3 I know I'm going away Riff A x1 My love CHORUS: B Yeah, I know what I F I see Riff B (but don't play the last bar) Have it all you B Yeah, I know what I F I see Riff A x2 Have it all VERSE 2: Riff A x3 A light feeling inside Riff B x1 My love Riff A x3 I know I'm going away Riff B x1 My love CHORUS again SOLO CHORUS again ENDING: B Yeah, I know what I F Riff A x2 Have it all you The last chord is x2225 If you see and glaring mistakes let me know Happy Playing!!!!!!! Tabbed by: ____________________ / \ | Andrew Mulhern | | ******************** | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| / I am Today \ / You are Tomorrow \ / I Light the Way \ | While You Drown the Sorrow | \__________________________/ ************************************ _______________
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