Superman Is Dead – Water Not War chords ver. 3

by: Superman Is Dead
Album: Sunset Di Tanah Anarki

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro:  Am Asus2 Am Asus4 2x

Em C D Gabove the silent of this burning clouds
Em C D Emwhy should I cry if I know I'm gonna fall
Em C D GI lost my breath when I get into the crowds
C Dall the drive is so hot
G C Duntil the day keep me out of this storm
G C DI see the hope lays under machine gun
Em C Dand no other wanna try to save my soul
Em C Dtry to save my soul
C G D Emday by the day I'm sailing to the crowds
C G D Empick up the line, taking up into the sound
C G D Emhow many days should I stay out of drying?
C D Emno one cares and I don't mind (anymore)
C D when I'm drowning to the ground,
G EmI'm going blind losing my soul, of getting back
C D Em D Em D Em D Em Dwho's gonna dream, instead of war
Interlude: C G D Em C G D Em Solo no Capo
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