Supersuckers - Sleepy Vampire tab

Intro Melody

e--0-0---------------------------|B--------------------------------|G------4-2-2-0----2-4-2-0--------|D-------------------------2------|A--------------------------------| (2X?)E--------------------------------|
VERSE (strum UP/DOWN/UP) Em C She's a sleepy vampire D Em She'll be up all night Em C Kickin feet and two wide D Em Just a shadow in the candlelight BRIDGE Am Yea but thats allright G She'll be fine fine fine Am Yea thats allright D Shes all mine CHORUS D G But it's long overdue Bm Em And much too good to be true Am D Yea it's in my blood, its in her eyes D G Far between and way too few Bm Em But I hope it happens to you Am D Yea it's like a flood, like a fire (then this riff)
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