Easy Does It chords with lyrics by Supertramp - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Supertramp – Easy Does It chords

the way i wrote it is in order of how to play, so any tard can play.

A string=7-9
D string=7-9
G string=7
D string=7

Play this bit twice, then immediately play next part

A string(all played on this string)=9-7-5-7-9-7
the next bit is played immediately after, no pauses!

A string=9
D string=9-7         (do these three notes quick or else it sounds dumb)
A string=9-7-5-7-9-7

Thats basically it, you just play these bits over and over again, when appropriate.

here are the chords in case you needed them. 

D(riff)And if my thoughts had wings,
DI'd be the bird that sings,
D Em7 AI'd fly where love isn't shy
Em7 AAnd everyone is willing to try.
DAnd if we had the time,
DAnd time's so hard to find,
Em7 AI can't believe what you say,
Em7 AStart sending those shadows away,
G DAnd if you know who you are,
G DYou are your own superstar,
D D7 DAnd only you can shape the movie that you make,
Em7 ASo when the lights disappear,
Em7 AAnd only the silence is here,
Em7 AWatch yourself, easy does it, easy does it, easy while you wait.
And if you know who you are, You are your own superstar, And only you can shape the music that you make. So when the crowds disappear, And only the silence is here Watch yourself, easy does it, easy does it, easy while you wait.
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