Supertramp – Crime Of The Century tab

D			Am			C
Now theyre planning the crime of the century

     G		  Fmaj7      Fmaj7		D
Well what will it be? 

		     Am				C
Read all about their schemes and adventuring

    G            Fmaj7	     Fmaj7
Its well worth a fee

	       Am   D   Bm
So roll up and see

         C		     Am   D   Bm
And they rape the universe

           C			  Am    Am     D
How theyve gone from bad to worse

		     Am			       C
Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory? 

  	    G               Fmaj7     Fmaj7    D
Rip off the masks and let's see.

			Am                     C
But thats no right - oh no, whats the story? 

       G              Fmaj7	Fmaj7
Theres you and theres me

Then there's the guitar solo, then the piano sounds kinda like this,
only with the keynotes, not the entire chords...repeat to end

C C D D B B C C     Am Am B B G G Am Am
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