Supertramp – Lord Is It Mine chords

Left handed
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Here it is, the proper way to play Lord Is It Mine by Supertramp. I couldn't find 
this anywhere so I figured it out myself.

Intro Aadd9, A, Amaj7, A6, Aadd9, A, Amaj7, A6, D, Dmaj, D6, Dmaj, D, Aadd9, A, Amaj7, A6

Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6to show me there's a silent place that I can call my own
D,Dmaj7,D6 Dmaj7,D Add9,A,Amaj7,A6Is it mine? Oh Lord! Is it mine?
Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6You know I get so weary from the battles in this life
Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6and as many times it seems that you're the only hope in sight
D,Dmaj7,D6 Dmaj7,D Add9,A,Amaj7Is it mine? Oh Lord! Is it mine?
Amaj7,A,A6 D,Dmaj7,D6 D6 Dmaj7 D Add9,A,Amaj7 When everything's dark and nothing seems right
Amaj7 A A6 D,Dmaj7,D6 D6 Dmaj7 D Add9,A,Amaj7,A6You don't have to win and there's no need to fight
Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6I never cease to wonder at the cruelty of this land
Aadd9 A Amaj7 A6but it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand
D,Dmaj7,D6 Dmaj7,D Add9,A,Amaj7Is it mine? Oh Lord! Is it mine?
Chorus Interlude (same as chorus)
C#m D Dmaj7 If only I could find a way to feel your sweetness through the day
B A,C#mthe love that shines around me could be mine
D E7 D E7So give us an answer won't you? We know what we have to do
D E7 F,Am,Dm Aadd9,A,Amaj7,A6There must be a thousand voices trying to get through
Transcribed by Galen C
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