Supertramp – Its A Long Road tab

Standard tuning EADGBe

Play chord progression Em A E5add7 A in E voicings (i.e. for A and A5add7 play 
second inversions) apart from verse endings- for all others just play straight chords.

Note: E5add7 is an Em7 without the minor 3rd. You can still use Em7 but doesn't sound as good.

Main riff

[Part 1] 

[Part 2]
e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------8--10---------------------------------------------------------|G|--------8h9--------9----------8p7---8--10--(8)/10 ------------------------|D|---------------------------------9----------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Played over lyrics]
STRUCTURE [Main riff parts 1 & 2] (x3) Well the road I see before me threatens pain at every bend, yeah. [Main riff part 1] I might meet somebody I understand and hope to call him friend. [Main riff part 2] (straight) Asus2 G A Asus4 A C Csus2 C D Well good company, it may comfort me. But I don't want love to distract my heart from the way. Em A E5add7 A (x2) [Main riff parts 1 & 2] Now your love it gave me sorrow and a broken heart to mend, yeah. [Main riff part 1] So I took me to this lonely road my sweet hopes to defend. [Main riff part 2] (straight) Asus2 G A Asus4 A C Csus2 C D Oh and why pretend, I won't look back. Even though the life of a happy man waits before. Em A E5add7 A (x2) [Instrumental] (E blues) Em A E5add7 A (x2) [Main riff parts 1 & 2] Well, the winter wind blows chilly and the road is dark and gray. [Main riff part 1] So take pity on a wanderer should you pass me on the way. [Main riff part 2] (straight) Asus2 G A Asus4 A C Csus2 C D Oh, I'm left alone without a home. Makes a man ask why he travels on when hope is gone. (softly) Em A E5add7 A E5add7 A Em A5add7 (x6)
E5add7 A Em
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