Surface – Alone tab

This is a great song by a local saskatoon band who are working on
their first cd its very easy to play this is my first attempt at
figuring a song out but i know ive got it all right because i asked
the guitar player from the band

by Surface

Intro and verses:

Am C G           e -----
                 b -----
g ----- d ----- a --3--2 e -----
PALM MUTE Am C G You live in constant fear of failing Am C G Rejection's always on your mind Am C G you don't believe that you could be Am C G the one to save all of your kind Am C G your afraid of every movement Am C G if not inside your comfort zone Am C G and now your comfort is a shakin Am C G you think of ways to get alone Chorus: F G# G well i know a secret ordinary boy who has no choice tempted to take to take it all away i'll tell it like it is that's why your alone PALM MUTE basically the perfect stranger strange to everyone you meet can't even go in public places why don't you just set yourself free I will tell you a little story where things may come and things may go and if you give this only chance away you'll always live your life alone Chorus interlude Am Am Am C G Am C Everything is unwanted Am C and everyday is just the same Am C G and every night is like the other Am C you keep from getting out of that house Am C and you keep from meeting someone else Am C G you keep yourself under cover PALM MUTE now there's nothing left for losing lock yourself inside a hole never dwell on tomorrow cause today may be your last alone Chorus X2
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