Surfaris – Image Of A Girl chords

Image Of A Girl:The Surfaris.
#6 in 1960.


D F#m G AAs I lie awake, resting from the day.
D F#m G AI can hear the clock, passing time away.
D BmOh, I couldn't sleep, for on my mind,
G A D Bmwas the image of the girl I hope to find.
G AWhoa, oh, oh, oh, oh..
D F#m G AI look straight up, at the ceiling above..
D F#m G Athinking of the girl, whom I will love.
D BmOh, would it be soon, when she exists?
G A D BmThe image of the girl, I've always wished.
G AWhoa, oh, oh, oh, oh..(Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba..)
G F#mI twisted and I turned, ooh, trying to sleep.
G F#mBut all I could do, was only to weep.
G F#mFor I haven't found that image yet..
G Aof all the girls that I have met..(Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba..)
D F#m G AAnd now the clock, is still passing time.
D F#m G AAnd I know someday, that she will be mine.
D BmAnd I know she'll always bring me love..
G A D Bmfor she's the image, of the girl, I love.
G AWhoa, (sha, la, la, la..image of a girl.)..
D Bm G AWhoa, oh, oh, oh..oh, oh, oh..(image of a girl.) (x3) (Fade.)
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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